Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated Server

Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated Server

Nowadays, more and more web hosting companies are coming into the market claiming that they are the best providers. However, it will be a very difficult decision for any one to choose the best provider and quality web hosting services. You can easily find the right host using the internet, but if you don’t have the knowledge of what cheap web hosting is, then you may get inferior or highly priced web hosting services. So, it is always better to have some clear idea of what you are buying and how it work. VPS is considered one of the premium servers, because of the capacity of the server to provide cost effective and distinct web hosting solution.

VPS – virtual private servers are sometimes used to copy or duplicate websites. This allows the user to make changes to the copy site on a trial basis before originally making the changes in the main website. So, the changes and testing of the copy web site ensures the accuracy of the main web site and it can be created without any flaw or fault. ‘Honeypots’ are also often created by these virtual servers. Honeypots refers to the capacity to permit a definite machine to run software which knowingly has some security or other flaws. The honeypots are considered to be trouble-free to arrange in an appropriate fashion that let one to gain more information into the world of computer security without affecting the main server.

There is also another type of hosting similar to VPS called the clustered hosting. This should not be confused with cheap dedicated servers. In clustered hosting, a cluster of machines will run virtual hosts. Be it VPS or clustering, this will be the ultimate solution for different web hosting needs. If some one wants to get more control over their operating system and server, then VPS hosting is the best option for them. If you want to launch an e-commerce website, then using shared or free web hosting services is completely of no use. This is because these hosting services don’t have the capacity to provide power and handle heavy traffic and overwhelming user requests. So, you should decide the type of hosting based on the traffic your website will get and on the amount of disk space and bandwidth requirements of your website.

Some may think that dedicated hosting will be the best hosting solution for their website. But, in reality, dedicated hosting is costly. On the other hand, shared hosting comes at cheaper prices, but it comes with some undesirable side-effects. So, for affordable and unique website hosting, VPS will be the ideal solution. VPS hosting combines shared and dedicated hosting. This is because it shares the server with multiple users, but also has the same features of dedicated server such as privacy and security. In VPS, a single server is partitioned into different parts using special software. Also, the software allows each portion of the server to get power equivalent to the power of a dedicated server. This process is called virtualization and this is not much costly when compared to the cost involved in getting a dedicated server.

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