Over 40 Countries Blocking Websites

Over 40 Countries Blocking Websites

Some authorities are blocking websites related to religion and minority groups, others censor pornographic (rightfully so) and gambling and websites. Quite a few block Social Media Services as well. Luckily, a variety of tools and techniques to bypass online censorship exist. For instance, using a fresh web proxy site helps users bypass restrictions. They work like search engines, except that you enter a website address instead of a search query into a form. The websites you visit through a proxy log the IP address belonging to the proxy site rather than the your real IP address. This IP address manipulation will help you bypass restrictions and browse the World Wide Web anonymously.

Over 40 Countries Consciously Blocking Websites and Social Media Services

There is another reason to use web proxies though. We all share personal information on social websites. Most of us are unaware of the fact that the personal information we share on social websites such as Facebook is collected by others. Hackers, marketers and even the Government are like stalkers: watching from a distance, following you everywhere you go, and taking note of everything you do. It is important to protect your identity, hide your IP address and prevent others from monitoring your online activities. You can do this by using a web proxy. Browsing the Internet using a proxy site is the easiest step you can to take to protect your privacy. The best proxy sites let users browse the World Wide Web, keep their IP address private and unblock their favorite websites.

Where to find the best proxy sites

There are quite a few proxy lists available online. All these proxy listing sites collect and present a list of the best proxy sites. Users do not need to install additional software or tweak their browser settings. Hide.me is a good place to start. By using the listed proxies users can bypass network restrictions and prevent others from monitoring their browsing activities. But whatever your reason is for using a web proxy, keep in mind that no circumvention method is perfect and no tool can guarantee complete privacy and anonymity.

Use web proxy services to bypass restrictions so you can visit Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and other Social Media websites and services. Do not use a web proxy for criminal activities online, since almost all of them state clearly that they will cooperate with law enforcement if they have to. And remember, the proxy server is the one party that really knows your true IP address.

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